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Memories In Boxes (2010)

I keep memories in boxes

for I’m nothing but a child

you keep everything on lockdown

to stop me from running wild

I’m just a child trapped in meat

and travelling, travelling feet

I’m just a child trapped in meat

and travelling feet


when you demand to know my name

when it was lost, when it was gained

I can’t remember

too many revelations

clouding up the mirror


you keep memories in plastic

for you’re always looking back

I keep everything on paper

to stop us from losing track

of borrowed time

and the rhymes

that illustrate our liquid frames

the renegade “someday” belief

that hollows the whole


when you demand to know the truth

the role to play, the soul to choose

I couldn’t tell you

too many different faces

crowding up the room


but you put memories to sleep now

that way they're easier to drag

so I wait patiently on solid ground

tied down tight

to stop us from going mad

we’re just the meat on the bones

that fosters the changing of names

we’re wondering what debt is owed

for running away

from yesterday road

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