Prophecy (2013)


please don’t leave

just stay asleep here


no I, I won’t be staying long

I’ll be gone

before you learn the truth of me


remember when we walked across the moon

got shadows on our shoes

and tried to wash them off

with the memory of wilderness?


but you forgot the towel

so the cleaning didn’t count

I can’t go anywhere these days

without staining cobblestones

yes all we ever were

was a headache at the hairline

trying to separate the face

and frontal lobe

why spend your serotonin

hoping to be whole?

this is all there is

don’t ask for more


I don’t want to know

your words aren’t safe for souls

take your keys and verbal weeds

and leave their paper leaning on the stove


remember when the wilderness was wild

a tadpole in the tide

incapable of stagnancy

through no choice of its own

you say that nothing good is breakable

but china cabinet corningware

and I reply that shards

are more valuable than

smoothen-edged deceit

cuts are kind to me

take your delicate desire

and bake it in the oven

‘til it bleeds


violence is in vain

the clearness of your caustic repartee

is plain as daylight

so why do you waste your precious tune

on winding up the room

and spinning me away?


okay but please don’t really leave

just stay here

and help my breathe


no I, I won’t be staying long

I’ll be gone

before you lose the rest of me


I guess swimming through

the awkwardness of time

is lost of feeble minds

there’s nothing in your head

but dead foliage of fools

why waste this brilliance

on bandaging the wound

burning up the bones is better


that’s enough for now

your thoughts alone are loud

take your rhymes and roundabouts

and leave them with your clothing on the floor


this is all I see

don’t wait for more

© 2020 by LAURA TUTHALL. All rights reserved.