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Showering with Spiders (2013)


are you bored

by these borders?

are you sore

from getting seeds stuck in your throat,

choking on their potential?

sacrifice that synthesized

illusion of alone

for just a moment in the searchlight

I’ll fry you up

some freedom of your own

just stop showering with spiders

‘til you’re numb

it’s no way to get clean


you gotta get rid of the clamoring

whether it’s true or not

‘cause clocks just tick faster

when it’s hot out

they’re too sound

and saddled to realize:

realness is a state of mind

like sleep


are you done

or just darkened?

let me dim those bothersome beams

from your sight

groveling on gravel

isn’t any way to go

spinning in starlit intersections

won’t buy you any danger of your own

you gotta stop showering with spiders

to atone

it’s no way to get clean


you gotta get rid of the clawing

before it swallows us

those clocks can’t tick past us

if they’re dust

and slowing down

won’t warrant the wartime;

nothing is worth fighting for

but clarity


are you through

with these dungeons?

had enough

of getting seeds stuck in your throat

before they fill the room with

promise and the stinging sand

that’s still under your fingernails

from scrubbing up their sunshine

I can’t restore your brightness

if you don’t

stop crawling into cobwebs

like they’re home

it’s no way to get free


you gotta get rid of the hammering

before it nails the door jamb shut

time can’t trap us

without trust;

we don’t believe in ticking or tape now

realness is an illness

just like me

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