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Unchartable (2015)


midnight on Claremont street

late in May

the sway of the flowerless branches

against my petal skin

I think I am in

a story worth singing about


but pink is just shy red

yeah pink is just shy red

you used an anchor

instead of your oars

but I’m just the tide

I won’t stay by the shore


midnight at the crack park

hiked up to the rock on the hill

fit my body parts into

the hollowest minerals

lying on top of the world

tied down to this course

by the core of the earth


you know that sink is just

shy swim

and I am the bucket

your poured concrete in

you made me an anchor

instead of a storm

but inside I’m the tide

I won’t stay underneath the boat


jingle bells

on convenience store doors

they mark the space

between my place and yours

I gotta kick off the shoes

that the past four years

were travelled in

and yeah it hurts hurts hurts

that I never heard them

knocking at my door

it's like they take

the whole damn city with them


you thought you knew

where the x was

where to point your compass

and where to dig in the sand

I tried hard to be

a major key

to stay still on the map

but oh well I got trapped

in the pull of it

in the weight of all these words

that seem to separate my sway

from yours

I gotta sync up

gotta chart this thinking

while I can

before it lands on


forever parallel streets

back in June

the truth buried somewhere

but I don’t care

you are the no to my nowhere

my levee to break

not a moment to lose

not a second to waste


‘cause pink is just shy red

and without the white paint

I’ll stain with each breathe

with each note

with each step down

each summer street

yeah I’m me;

what can tide do

but drown back into the sea

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